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A 5-day OSCE, DTP & ME immersive course that will provide you with all of the theoretical knowledge you will need for the exam, as well as present the opportunity to practice all your skills in mini mock exams.


As part our promise, all students taking our 5 day course can be guaranteed their own full personalised course notes, endless opportunities to practice, entry to our Whatsapp group where you can ask Dr. Nahla any questions you have and also find study partners, share resources and learn with others that are taking the exam too.


Our course is designed to provide the best foundation for your ORE II journey, as without the right foundation, students can become caught in the ORE II exam loop for up to 5 years, due to being taught improper techniques very early on.


A 4-Day Dental Manikin hands-on course covering the required activities in accordance with the ORE Consortium. All required materials for the activities will be provided. Brush up on your skills and practice your skills alongside Dr. Nahla who will be able to provide hands-on and experienced guidance 

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The transformative learning experiences at Dr. Nahla ORE Courses are designed to help our ORE2 candidates grasp a deep understanding of the aims, practical and theoretical requirements of the ORE exam. Dr. Nahla ORE Courses is located in the heart of London and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help candidates become successful ORE exam candidates while adding to their professionals abilities. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us!


As a majority of our customers are international students, we understand that flexibility can make all the difference.


Due to this, we are happy to provide a tailor-made course for busy individuals that would like to take our courses, but cannot attend on our specified course dates.


Whether you need to a refresher session or if you'd like to take our entire 4 Day Manikin course, we can definitely arrange something with you and our expert team. 


A full day Medical Emergencies course that covers all aspects of ORE 2 Medical Emergencies.

After completing the course, you can also expect to receive your CPD Medical Emergencies certificate which you will need to bring with you into any role you take on in the health sector. 

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