So, you've passed your ORE exam. Success! Now, what?


First stop - Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE). To begin working as a trained dentist in the U.K., you must obtain your Performer number. This is usually provided by carrying out training with a certified dental practice. PLVE training placements are carried out all over the U.K. and provide a good foundation for you to begin your U.K. dental training. In your PLVE training, you can expect to practice your skills, work with real patients, work with a mentor and pursue any extra training to advance your skills.

To find a suitable PLVE placement, we highly recommend that you follow the below tips to ensure your success:


1. Research

When looking for a PLVE placement, it can be quite easy to feel as though you must make a decision as soon as possible, especially if the ORE process has taken you longer than you had anticipated. We would strongly advise all candidates to thoroughly research all potential PLVE opportunities out there, research the dental practice and, if possible, speak to others that have carried out their PLVE training at the dental practice you are considering. The more information you can find out, the better. There are plenty of opportunities all over the U.K., please allow yourself the best chance of training at an excellent dental practice with outstanding mentors. 

2. Relocation

It's no secret we would all like to work in the capital. London is one of the best cities in the world, of course. However, if you are adamant about working in London, you may be making things slightly more difficult for yourself when seeking out a PLVE placement. It's a known fact that there is a shortage of dentists in other areas of the U.K., with practice managers looking to match or exceed London salaries just to ensure there are good, qualified dentists in the area.


If you can put aside your desire of working in London for a few years and work in the Midlands or wonderful cities like Bristol, for example, not only would you be saving money but you will also increase your chances of landing a suitable PLVE placement with benefits much sooner. 

3. Read Contracts Carefully



Once you have found a suitable PLVE placement, you will then be provided with a contract.

Please read the contract carefully.






Many students do not read the fine print and miss key issues such as the inability to cancel the contract under any circumstances, a contract that is for far longer than was agreed, payment information that has not been properly disclosed and many, many more issues.

We hate to see how many international students struggle in their PLVE placements due to faulty contracts and unfair agreements. Please ensure you read your contract carefully. Ask your friends and family to also read through it and do not shy away from negotiating with your new employer any terms that you do not agree with. After all, this is an agreement between both you and the employer and must work in favour of both parties. 

Should you have any questions regarding PLVE, the structure of the programme or if you're really struggling to find a suitable placement, do not hesitate to get in touch with our administration team. We have worked with a wonderful PLVE provider in the past who are always looking for new candidates.

Simply email us at info@nahlaore.com to find out more.

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