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5 DAY OSCE, DTP & ME Course                                                                                       £999.00


This course has been specially designed to suit new dental candidates that have little to no or experience and experienced candidates that need a little more practice. It is an intensive course and covers all the material that may come up in the exam, with 3 mock exams included and personal and group feedback. The mocks are organised in a way that will help you become familiar with an exam set up, and help build your confidence in performing. Many students that do not take mock exams or take only one mock exam tend to panic and become too stressed when performing, allowing mistakes to happen and in turn not being able to pass.

Our course will provide you with all the theoretical knowledge you will need in personalised notes for each candidates, along with demonstrations of all that is taught, mock exams to perfect your technique and ongoing support even after the course is complete! With our courses, you can rest assured Dr. Nahla will be with you every step of the way as you prepare, both in the classroom and after the course; all our courses come with unlimited free Whatsapp support for any questions or queries regarding the exam.





Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

The course includes:


Skilled OSCE’s (1 day)                                                                                   £250 if booked alone

  • Suturing Technique

  • Hydrocortisone Intramuscular Injection

  • Surveying

  • Rubber Dam Technique

  • IOPA Arrangement

  • IOTN

  • BPE

  • Surgical Instruments

  • Oral Hygiene Instruction

  • Dental Hygeine Instruction

  • Dental Chart


       and much more.


Actor and Written Skilled OSCE (1 day)                                                         £250 if booked alone


  • Nearly 80 well known scenarios that have come up in the exam

  • Difficult scenarios such as a ‘Drunk Nurse’, ‘Broken Instrument’, ‘Needle Stick Injury’, Irreversible Pulpitis LLE and many more.

  • Challenging actors are brought in to prepare you for any unexpected personalities that may come in the exam.

  • Full notes of all scenarios provided for you to keep


Dental Treatment Planning (2 days)                                                              £400 if booked alone

The DTP course will discuss the way in which the DTP exam will run, with thorough exam guidance and notes.

All cases will also include the relevant material that will be supplied in the exam, such as radiographs, photographs and casts. Day 1 will cover the theory elements of the exam, whilst day 2 will provide you wish a chance to practice what you have learnt, in a real mock exam. The mock exam will be followed by personal and group feedback to help you identify your mistakes and guide your learning.

The cases will help develop the following skills required for the exam:

  • Time management

  • Effective history taking with challenging actors

  • Appropriate investigations to deliver the correct diagnosis

  • Radiograph interpretation

  • Treatment planning formulation and oral presentation

  • Mock exams with detailed personal feedback and group feedback


Medical Emergency (1 day)                                                                           £250 if booked alone

Our Medical Emergency course covers 13 key scenarios that are known to come up in the exam, such as:


  • Basic life support

  • Neddle Stick injury

  • Bleeding

  • Chest Pain

  • ABCDE Approach

  • Emergency Drugs


          and more.


These scenarios can be quite challenging if you do not know the technique or the theoretical knowledge. In a medical emergency, there can be no room for mistakes. It is crucial you understand all the key scenarios that may come up and the correct response to each. With Dr. Nahla, you can rest assured we will guide you through every step of the way, with live demonstrations, explanations and an opportunity to perform some of the key scenarios in front of the class, for comments and feedback to perfect your technique.





  • 13th - 17th June 2019

  • 4th - 8th July 2019

  • 1st - 6th August 2019


4 DAY MANIKIN COURSE                                                                                                  £999.00

This may be the most difficult part of the ORE part 2 exam, for many reasons, such as performing on a manikin and responding to it as if it were a real patient, being delicate, informative and carrying out the dental work with no mistakes. This element of the ORE 2 exam can take some candidates a year to perfect, but with our course, we are confident we can help you master it sooner. We cannot do the work for you, but we can provide you with a solid foundation of the Manikin exam to guide your practice. This 4 Day Course will run over consecutive weekends, giving you a weeks break in between to practice all that you have learnt. The curse has been redesigned in this manner as Manikin can be quite challenging due to how intricate and complex he exercises can be, requiring time and attention to completely master. 






Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Each day of the course will cover different exercises, some of which are listed below:

DAY 1                                                                                                                                        £250 if booked alone

  • Class Occlusal

  • Class OP

  • Class II – MO

  • Amalgam

  • Dycal


DAY 2                                                                                                                                        £250 if booked alone

  • Class III

  • Class IV

  • Class V

  • Class VI

  • Dycal + Composite

DAY 3                                                                                                                                        £250 if booked alone

  • Full Gold Crown

  • Impression

  • Labial Veneer

  • Temporary Crown

DAY 4                                                                                                                                        £250 if booked alone

  • PFM Anterior

  • PFM Posterior

  • Rest Seat

  • Root Canal Treatment Access Cavity

  • Root Canal Treatment Bio Mechanical Preparation

All the exercises covered make up the entire Dental Consortium needed to pass the Manikin aspect of the exam. 


  • 20th -23rd June 2019

  • 18th - 21st July 2019 

  • 15th - 18th August 2019






To book, email us at info@nahlaore.com


We offer a range of different mock exams at Nahla ORE, from Skilled, Actor and Written OSCE mock exams to Dental Treatment Planning (DTP), Medical Emergency and Dental Manikin. Our mock exams will help you familiarise yourself with the mock exam set up, certain cases that may come up, the equipment you may have to use, and most of all, will include personal and group feedback to help target your weaknesses. 

OSCE Mocks                                                                                                                                                              £200

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DTP/ME Mocks                                                                                                                                                           £200


Dates to be confirmed

Dental Manikin Mocks                                                                                                                                                £200

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Our supervised practice days allow you to use our facilities, practice certain exercises and receive instant feedback from Dr. Nahla to help correct any mistakes and perfect your weaknesses.


If you have taken a 5 Day OSCE or Dental Manikin course with us, the relevant practice day will be free of charge for you. 

Supervised Skilled OSCE/ME Practice

Dates to be confirmed

To book any of our courses, simply give us a call on 07446666929 or email us at info@nahlaore.com

By booking a course with us, you agree with all our terms and conditions that can be found here

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